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We think that everyone deserves a safe place to call home.

Therefore, we started as an innovative business with the goal of revolutionizing the home-finding process.

Numan Saeed

Started an enterprise in Peshawar in 2019 as a call center with a tiny crew of just six employees. Then, in order to provide his clients with the greatest amenities, he made the decision to enter the real estate industry. And so, KP Leads was born. After defeating more than 1500 competitors to win a grant of more than $1 million at the KP Impact Challenge, Numan Saeed founded KP LEADS to create high-scale industrial ties in the BPO industry. It now employs over 700 employees around the country. It is regarded as one of the greatest telemarketing organizations in the Twin Cities. Moreover, KPLEADS has over 200 overseas agents as part of our international linkages. As we prospered, we invested in people and technology to meet the changing demands of our clients and consumers. We are currently known as the most rapidly expanding businesses in the country, offering work possibilities to everyone, regardless of age, gender, or level of education. We are working on continuous hard work and will never be stopped at any moment. We will also guide our customers towards more prospectus projects for their betterment. “The key to success is out of service in the elevator. The staircase will need to be used, one step at a time “. Our success story involved time and work. We begin each day with a good attitude and make one step forward in the right direction.

Noman Ali

Mr. Noman Ali is a seasoned professional with 5 years of experience in the real estate industry. He has recently taken the entrepreneurial route by founding his own company called KP leads marketing. With his extensive knowledge of the real estate market, Mr. Noman is well-equipped to provide his clients with expert guidance and advice on their property investments. As a group director, he has shown exceptional leadership skills and a strong commitment to achieving results. His innovative ideas and proactive approach have been instrumental in driving growth and success for the organizations he has worked with in the past. With his new venture, Mr. Noman is poised to make a significant impact on the real estate industry and help his clients achieve their property goals.

  • quiet neighbourhood
  • fabulous views
  • great local community
  • large play center in yard


We want to establish a solid rapport with our clients and assist them in growing their businesses, as we know how vital customer service is for any business. No company can thrive without the support of its clients. Our team of skilled and dedicated members has received the training to serve each client with maximum satisfaction and accuracy. We also believe that equality is the significant basis of everything. So, we promise to treat everyone evenly while providing the same customer service standards to both landlords and residents. You Dream It, We Deliver It At KP Leads, that’s exactly what we aim to do. As a result, we have collaborated with the finest in the field to guarantee you have everything you require to make your dream home a reality while also enjoying the process. Our firm maintained a customer-centric approach by putting the client at the center of the equation because we genuinely believed that customer service is at the heart of creating customer relationships. KP LEADS also works on better client retention policies, providing them with proper and adequate guidance to help them go for better market opportunities. For better consultancy, it’s vital that the entire team is on the same page regarding client journeys and has access to the same information and facts as everyone else. KP LEADS implemented this policy throughout its premises. It improves our internal communication and allows everyone to collaborate to maintain loyal customers. Our commitment is to give our clients the best possible experience, not limited to pre-sale. However, after-sale service is also crucial for us. We understand that every client is a potential referral. We conduct ourselves in such a way during the home buying or selling process that we can rely on them as a referral resource for us in the future. Even so, we have a plan for clients where things could have worked out better for both parties. We will enable transparency of property information and provide data-powered insights and innovative solutions that will create trust between property stakeholders, from seekers to sellers, agents and developers, banks, and valuers.

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Noman Saeed
Nouman Saeed
Noman ali KP Leads
Noman Ali
Group Director

I can't say enough good things about this company's customer service. From the first phone call to the final paperwork, the team was professional, attentive, and made the entire process stress-free. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of property sale or purchase.

good suggestion

The team at this company made selling my property a breeze. They were efficient, thorough, and provided regular updates throughout the process. Their expertise and attention to detail resulted in a quick and profitable sale. I highly recommend them!

quality property

I've purchased several properties through this company and each time they have exceeded my expectations. They have a great selection of properties, their team is knowledgeable and friendly, and their customer service is top-notch. I highly recommend them!

Maria Khan
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